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Great Lake Golf and Country Club (King Naga GC)


20/09/2017 07:00


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The Course, Tee info and Your Teeing Handicap

Great Lake Golf Club

18 holes - par 72

Yards 5,100 6,399 6,807
Your HCP - - -

About Great Lake Golf and Country Club (King Naga GC)

Great Lake Golf & Country Club has recently been renamed the King Naga Golf Club has a flat links feel to it with almost no water hazards, despite the proximity of the beautiful Dok Krai Reservoir only 700 yards away. Never mind the lack of water. Faldo made up for the lack of water hazards with a proliferation of sand traps, 120 of them if you are counting. And you’ll find the preponderance of these bunkers in fairway landing areas, although the greens do have bunkers as well. Hole 18 at 593 yards has 16 bunkers total, with four choking the landing area at 264 from the back tee and nine bisecting the fairway at 415 yards off the back tee. This is odd because big hitters will fly the landing area bunkers and the nine crossing the fairway will not come into play off the back tee. So, this bunkering is more punitive for the average to high handicap player.


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  • Pro Shop
  • Driving Range
  • Rental clubs
  • Thai Food
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  • Showers
  • Practice putting green
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    Photos for Great Lake Golf and Country Club (King Naga GC)

    Score Card for Great Lake Golf and Country Club (King Naga GC)

    Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT   10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOTAL
    Blue 409 392 555 381 152 558 410 195 398 3450  370 535 376 402 582 150 325 200 417 3357 6807
    White 383 373 520 349 129 531 382 162 373 3202  339 513 348 380 557 147 307 175 384 3150 6352
    Red 310 299 447 269 77 460 335 95 309 2601  261 433 272 291 509 87 233 108 299 2493 5094

    Top Scores

    Great Lake Golf Club

    Leslie Cobban

    Shot a 75


    Gerd Riedler

    Shot a 81


    Jeff Wylie

    Shot a 81


    Recent Scores

    Great Lake Golf Club

    Montri Bubphaglin

    Shot a 90


    Montri Bubphaglin

    Shot a 87


    Montri Bubphaglin

    Shot a 87


    Course Reviews for Great Lake Golf and Country Club (King Naga GC)

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    Recent reviews with comments

    Mark Herbert


    Score: 95
    Handicap: 11.0

    1st ever visit

    I liked:
    Well this was my 1st visit. Went with The Golf Club, LK Metro so this is a the other 3 guys thoughts too. Firstly, the fact that its been closed a while is quite evident. As you drive in there is a feeling of trepidation, the entrance road is unkempt and the unoccupied condominiums by the road look dilapidated. Then the reception is bare and felt disorganised but the changing rooms looked ok, but all this was expected so its fine. Now the good bit. I paid GF & Caddy 700b to walk, the others paid GF, Caddy and shared cart 1,050b. Also got told that they have sports days on Tues and Thurs with a 100b green fee- that means walking is only either 400 or 450b- crazy cheap. Now the course. It is a well designed course, interesting and has variety. Greens are really quite good, you can tell they worked on these 1st, they have the odd bobble but theyre better than quite a few courses already and will probably just get better as the months go by. The fairways are patchy though, (one particular hole- I think the 14th, has very little grass) and you definitely have to pick and place. Overall though with the walking price being so low, it was great value for money. I will be going back for sure, and I would say its ideal if you just want a cheap knockabout with your mates or just to work on your game.

    Needs to improve:
    You hope that whoever has bought it is a good businessman/woman and likes golf. If they are and have enough capital to invest there is no reason why King Naga cannot be at the same standard as say Treasure Hill/Pattavia by high season, in the meantime we have cheap golf -) so I would say give it a go and maybe visit once a month to see how//if it improves. PS gave caddy 4 stars because obviously only been open 3-4 months so didnt expect her to know everything.

    Value for money
    Drink stops

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