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New mobile updates

Category: Birdie Updates

This week we released an update to the mobile app, this was the first update after our initial mobile launch.

The goal after the launch was to monitor the usage and reserve the time from launch until the first update to focus on any fixes or issues that arise from the first app version.

Thankfully there has been no major or widespread issues, so the update contained minor fixes, some translation updates and with the spare time reserved for fixing problems that never happened, we added in the stats graphs and the much-requested handicap lookups.

Onwards and upwards!

With the first hurdle crossed, we’re now focusing on building in the required features we think it needs to be a well-rounded handicapping application on par with our website.

In about 3 weeks we are aiming for our next update that will introduce the golf course directory, new major speed improvements and the ability to use the app offline (for when there is no internet connectivity out on the course).

Time permitting we’ll also include score editing and handicap lookups for other players.

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Thursday, 10th August at 09:01 PM


Tony Oakes

12 Aug, 2017 16:35

A great application that uses the USGA handicap system and it is Free . You will not get a better app mobile and desktop versions.

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