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Course Review - Phoenix Gold Lakes 9

Category: Golf Course Review

Several months have elapsed since the Lakes 9 redesign was completed and been available for play.  With 2 completely new holes replacing the 5th and 6th on the Lakes course, the changes were certain to be topical.  Previously a straight away par 5 and a short par 4, now a slight dog leg left, but still short par 4, followed by a hard dog leg right par 5.  The new par 4 has been relatively accepted, with comments and criticisms mainly directed to the new par 5, 6th hole.  

Most negative criticisms are based on player’s poor course management of the hole, which when combined with poor execution can mean only 1 thing for too many, a poor golf hole.  Taking into account the yardage and index of the hole it does require some thought and execution, but most players should be able to achieve at least 1 point from here.   

While hole 4 received only minor changes other than the green, it is this green which is the weakest point of the 9 holes, with some severe undulations and relatively few landing areas for a mid iron approach to an elevated green, surrounded by runoff areas.  Overall while the course continues to improve in general conditioning, with tight lies on the fairways being less evident, the Lakes 9 has been enhanced in both condition and the challenge aspect.

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Sunday, 9th October at 12:45 PM


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