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Course Review - Phoenix Gold Ocean 9

Category: Golf Course Review

While the Ocean 9 did not undergo the same degree of redesign as the lake course, it was more a refurbishment of the previous course, it has now been in play for a few months.

This has always been the best 9 holes at Phoenix Gold, with a variation in hole design, changes in elevations, degree of difficulty of holes and at times startling vistas to maintain a player’s interest throughout.  The somewhat bare surrounds of greens have been remedied, allowing now for a variety of shots to be played, dependent on individual player’s strengths, or weaknesses.  All in all the course condition and definition has been improved, and while some members may have been inconvenienced during the refurbishment period, it has been a positive move for future play.  

The absence of relevant water hazards on the Ocean 9, combined with it’s lack of length from the most popular White tees, at just over 3100 yards, mean that it is a 9 holes that invites players of a range of abilities to enjoy the game of golf.

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Monday, 10th October at 10:08 AM


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