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Parichat International Golf Links - Course Review (2022)

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Parichat International Golf Links

Parichat International Golf Links Course is an 18-hole golf course located 30 minutes from downtown Pattaya. It is one of the closest golf courses to Pattaya City and it is about 2 hours drive from Bangkok. The course was designed by Parichat Vivatanant.

Parichat International Golf Links

Course Layout and Design

Parichat International Golf Links, which was established in 2015 and has a 18-hole layout of 200 acres of rolling natural terrain, is an excellent example of a short par-72 course with several tricked out holes that are best suited for skilled golfers. It is worth noting at this stage that Parichat International Golf Links is not a Links golf course despite it's name, it is no where near the sea and doesn't have any characteristics of a links other than the wind blows there sometimes.

Parichat International Golf Links

Many of the holes have significant ravines and cliffs on either side. Water, which plays a major role on many courses, features prominently here as well. The fairways jut into the greens numerous times through the course, creating unnecessarily narrow gaps between them.

Parichat International Golf Links

Parichat International Golf Links has tight fairways, undulating greens and many water features that really come into play. It's a great test of golf for all level of players.

The course is built on 200 acres of rolling land with natural terrain. There are 18 holes, divided into 2 loops of 9. The front 9 are the easier of the two and the back 9 more difficult.

Parichat International Golf Links

Club Facilities

The clubhouse at Parichat International Golf Links is relatively small by Thailand standards, it is well known that the clubhouse was suppose to be a temporary clubhouse but that the new clubhouse has been postponed. However it has all that is needed, a pro shop, changing rooms and a restaurant. The size of the clubhouse actually gives it a more homely feel to it.

One area that this course is above average is the on course kiosks, they are normally well stocked with a variety of food and some much needed golf balls for sale.

Parichat International Golf Links

How to Play Parichat International Golf Links Course

Take plenty of golf balls! Parichat is a very tricky golf course, if you have played it several times it is actually pretty easy but if you haven't you are in for a surprise. That surprise being hidden water, hidden bunkers, hidden fairways and hidden slopes on the greens. There are many blind shots at Parichat Golf International and some silly holes too, ones where you need to hit 5 iron from the tee shot and then 3 wood into the green, some where you are severally punished for half a club long and some where you can't hold the green even when you are on the green.

Parichat International Golf Links

So my advice apart from taking plenty of balls would be to also give the course a chance, to enjoy this course to its potential you need to play it at least twice so you get a better understanding of where to take risks and where not to.

Some would argue that caddie should be able to guide you around a course that you haven't played before but having played this course on several occasions you would find it hard to believe the caddies advice. Imagine teeing it up on a 500 yard plus hole with what looks like a straight forward hole and the caddie saying "take a 5 iron" or a drivable par 4 and the caddie saying "hit two 7 irons"

I had the pleasure of playing golf with Khun Parichat, the course owner and designer, she is a ex lady professional and hit the ball very straight, I couldn't help but feel she designed the course for her and not the general public.

Parichat International Golf Links

How to Play Golf at Parichat International Links Golf Course

Join a golf group

One of the easiest ways to play golf on any of the pattaya golf courses is to join one of the many golf groups and golf societies. These groups are run by local expats and offer a friendly introduction into the game of golf in Thailand. All the golf groups in Pattaya are listed here

Parichat International Golf Links

Join a golf organisation

There are several golf organisations in Thailand that are worth exploring as they often offer discount golf for a very small joining fee. Some of these golf organisations include

Pattaya Sports Club


Travelers Rest

By joining any one of these organasitions you can get excellent green fees at Parichat international golf links

Parichat International Golf Links

Go it alone to the Golf Course

If you don't fancy joining a golf group or golf organisation then getting a few friends together and going direct to the course is an option.

We recommend the Bolt app Or Grab for taxi service

Address: ทางหลวงยุทธศาสตร์ สัตหีบ - พนมสารคาม Khao Mai Kaeo, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

The golf club is right next door to Pattaya Country Club and just 30 minutes from downtown Pattaya.

Parichat International Golf Links

Booking a Tee Time at Parichat International 

Once you have figured out how to get there you will need to book a tee time. Calling the course is the best option.

You can call Parichat International Links Golf Course on 090 386 0001

In summary, Parichat International Golf Course is a tricky but overall a fun course to play. It is well worth playing if you are in the Pattaya area. The course is quite short but don't let that fool you, it is full of hidden surprises. If you are new to the course then I would recommend joining a golf group or society so you can get some help with the layout of Parichat International Golf Links

Happy Golfing!

Parichat International Golf Links

Some recent reviews:

"Great place to golf. Good use of water, traps and hills. Few greens have absolutely killer slope or difficult pin placement, so be ready. Scored well here" Will

Parichat International Golf Links

"Not too long for average players but somewhat demanding because of narrow fairway. A lot of penalty areas require strategic plan on each short. Bath room is clean and there is a lot of showers. The restaurant is the only drawback. Course is not a beauty but still a decent course" Steve

Parichat International Golf Links

"Good links course. Layout is not boring. Wind will impact your game for almost every shot. Some weird greens that are tricky. Fairways not as green as many other courses but not too bad. Golf shop needs improvement but apart from that it's a nice course" Somchai

Parichat International Golf Links

"The course was recommended by a local friend as being a new and exciting course, and they were not wrong. The fairways were excellent and challenging, the greens when we played were a little sandy but had great potential. In a year or two when the accommodation and surrounding land has been landscaped it will be up there with the best and will get a five star from me. The caddies were excellent in making the day very enjoyable with their colorful uniform and constant advice to my brother and I" - John

Parichat International Golf Links

"some holes are a bit ridiculous, you need to play strategically to avoid the water hazards. Not as good as the other upscale courses but for the price you really can't complain too much. Good price versus quality of the course. It is a difficult course and you need to keep the ball straight. For a relatively new course the tee boxes are good, putting green is also good. Great fun if you aren't a serious golfer" Nigel

Parichat International Golf Links

Parichat International Golf Links

Parichat International Golf Links

Parichat International Golf Links Golf Club Scorecard

parichat international golf links scorecard

Parichat International Golf Links Course Rating (updated 2022)

Parichat International Golf Links Slope Rating  (updated 2022)

Parichat International Golf Links Blue 6329.0 0.0 0.0 125.0 72.0
Parichat International Golf Links White 5996.0 0.0 0.0 120.0 70.1
Parichat International Golf Links Yellow 5603.0 122.0 72.0 117.0 68.4
Parichat International Golf Links Red 4833.0 120.0 70.0 113.0 63.2






































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