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Are you an irritating golfer?

Category: Golf Life

We all have irritating friends but do those guys irritate you on the golf course too? Here are just some of things an irritating golfer does

Constantly writes down the wrong score

You don’t really even need to know how to count to get the score right on the card, you just write down what the guy who’s card you are marking says, if you have any doubt just go over it in your head, you probably won’t have to count past 10 so it shouldn’t be that difficult

Always offering tips on the course

We all have that irritating guy who thinks he is better than he is, you know, the 18 handicapper whos give pro tips to anyone who is a higher handicap than him. Well it’s nice to be helpful but no one is really listening to you so please drop it out

Stands in the wrong place

We can all suffer the inexperienced golfer who doesn’t quite know where to stand when you are playing your shot but the experienced player who stills gets it wrong, that’s just annoying. To make things worse he is also the guy that has no idea where is shadow is when you are putting  

The slow player

The slow player isn’t just irritating for your playing partners but for everyone playing behind you. If you are rubbish at golf, 10 practice swings will not make any difference, in fact if you are a great golfer 10 practice swings won’t make a difference so don’t be that guy and always remember, if you are an obvious slow player your reputation as one gets around quicker than a reputation as a good player  

Makes noise during the backswing

Golf is hard, in fact it’s really hard, to get that little white ball into a hole some 500 yards away in 5 shots is no easy feat, so the last thing you want are distractions. Like marking the score, it isn’t difficult, just be silent when someone else is playing their shot or expect to get an earful

Gives praise too early

There is nothing more annoying than a playing partner who gives praise for a good putt before it drops into the hole only to find the putt has lipped out. Those people I could just throttle

Everyone has irritating habits but try to leave them in the locker room, there is no place for them on the golf course

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Tuesday, 20th September at 09:39 AM


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