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Comparison Golf in UK vs Golf in Thailand

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Comparison Golf in UK vs Golf in Thailand.

Golf in the UK has long been regarded as one of the most British of British sports with long traditions and famous golf courses that are renowned throughout the world.

But golf in the UK has its drawbacks, most notably the weather.

As all golfers know, the season for golf in the UK is very short and even throughout the season the British Isles can be battered by torrential rains and strong winds which make playing golf not only more difficult but unpleasant too.

As a general rule golf in the UK is also expensive when it comes to playing to the best of the best with green fees rising well into the hundreds of pounds.

It is for this reason that many golfers are heading further afield to find truly stunning golf courses at a fraction of the cost whilst enjoying finer weather and experiencing new cultures.

Thailand is one of the main up and coming golf destinations across the world and it is no surprise why so many golfers are choosing the region. Thailand enjoys some of the most stunning scenery on the planet, a culture doused in history and tradition much like golf in the UK and fantastic weather away from the rainy season which runs from June to September and even though the rains are torrential they tend not to last for much more than an hour.

The golf courses in Thailand offer the best of everything and in relation to quality and price the courses in Thailand win hands down.

The courses are generally laid out between the mountains and the jungle and offer absolutely spectacular views, along with privacy and a feeling of intimacy that many courses in the UK just don´t have.

The diversity of the 200 hundred courses, some of which have been designed by the biggest names in golf architecture including Robert Trent Jones Jnr create the perfect destination to enjoy your well-earned golf holiday, whilst experiencing a different style of golf course each day.

The major difference between the golfing experience in each country has to be the caddy service which is available at almost every course in Thailand. This invaluable local knowledge and service create the illusion of grandeur and adds that extra special touch to the whole experience, something that is not readily available in the UK.

Don´t get me wrong courses in the UK are steeped in history which Thailand cannot compete with, but the tradition of golf is almost more apparent in the treatment and service offered in the Thai golf resorts.

The major comparisons between golf in the UK and Thailand have to be based around the condition of the golf courses and the service received and between the two there is very little to choose. However, the one stand out with golf in Thailand is the extra attention to the little details which makes for a truly wonderful experience.

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Tuesday, 20th September at 09:46 AM


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