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Honma Golf's Five Star Set ( Most Expensive Golf Club)

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In the game of golf, talent alone won't get the ball very far. While spiked shoes, collared shirts and cigars are synonymous with the game, all you really need on the course is a club. And while there's no promising that using a more expensive club will lead to a lower scorecard, there's not harm in checking out the world's most luxurious options, is there?

It's hard to top Honma Golf's Five Star Set in any model (clubs start at $5,400 each). The company, over half a century old, uses the finest materials and hand-crafts each club made to order in Japan, which explains the two month turn around time. But the wait just might be worth it, if 24-karat gold-plating and Pt1000 platinum is your thing. Honma's 14 piece five star sets, including the bag and accessories, hover around $76,000. A five star club, in Honma terms, means that it was produced by the hands of the world's most senior club makers, the Takumi craftsmen.

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Wednesday, 10th January at 11:03 AM


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