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Peer Review - Update

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The concept of peer review is an essential element of any golf handicapping system. Without peer review the Handicap Index is just a number.

Most systems around the world are based at a golf club where the majority of players know each other and posting a score will immediately follow a round at the course where the round is being played leaving the score open to peer review. However this situation is very rare here in Thailand as most players do not belong to a golf club and not a single golf club in Thailand will manage the handicaps of their members leaving players with no choice but to opt for one of the many online systems to manage their handicap

Now a major issue in online handicap management that has been talked about over and over is the fact that players can enter their own scores and potentially manipulate their handicap. At Birdie we have taken this issue very seriously and feel that it would be very very difficult for a player to manipulate his handicap using our system and these are the reasons why:

Verified Scores

One feature that we are particular proud of are the verified scores. When adding a score into Birdie you have 3 options

  1. Added by playing partner - Automatically Verified
  2. Added by Golf society manager - Automatically Verified
  3. Added by yourself - Further proof needed for verification

I think we can assume that if a golf society manager adds your score it is pretty legitimate so that one is a considered a verified score. If your playing partner enters your score on your behalf we can also assume that is legitimate so it only leaves the legitimacy of the adding your own scores   

Adding your own score to Birdie

Adding your own score in Birdie is allowed and that score will have a bearing on your handicap but we give you the option to add credibility to the score

  1. Adding a photo of the signed scorecard to your score ( Score becomes verified)
  2. Adding the name of the marker
  3. Adding additional information to the score i.e. fairways hits, putts taken




Card Marked By

To add more credibility to the score you can add who the card was marked by:




After the score has been added to our system the score is then subject to peer review. Firstly you will notice the score appear in the newsfeed so at a quick glance when you open Birdie you will see who has scored what in the last few days




Playing History

You can click on any one of these scores to show more details about the players profiles and of course his / her list of scores



Verified Method

Here you can click through any score that any player has entered, you can see if they are verified or not and see how it is verified




Reporting a score

And finally……………...

If you would like to dispute a score entered you can click the score from the players score and anonymously report to it us where it will be reviewed.  









Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Wednesday, 12th April at 11:09 AM


David Thomas

17 Apr, 2017 09:20

Given the Pattaya handicap debate featuring on Facebook currently, I believe Birdie is in a unique position to promote its ability to become the dominant handicap administrator, separate from either the PSC or the IPGC. To further add integrity Birdie could perhaps not accept scores that are sourced from other than a golf organiser.

Adding to the notion that Birdie could offer a genuine alternative as Pattaya's main handicap administrator, would be the inclusion of some changes Golf Australia made to move away from the USGA Handicap System. The reason for these changes are outlined in the GA website. They were driven primarily because Australian golf is tournament based as opposed to the US 4BBB match culture. The same is true of the EGA System, but the Australian case is well explained and documented.

Good luck,


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