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Peer Review in Birdie explained

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The concept of peer review is an essential element of any handicapping system. Without peer review the Handicap Index loses it inherent value and is just a number.


Most systems around the world are based at a golf club where the majority of players know each other. Posting scores in person immediately following the round at the course where the round is played is the the preferred way to expose scores to peer review. However that is not possible here in Thailand as most players do not belong to a golf club and do not have the option to post the score at the club for other to see.


With this in mind we have added some features to the Birdie system in that all scores posted are available for all others to see. They will appear on your homepage as “Joe Bloggs played 18 holes at Rayong Green Valley and scored a 92”


If you would like to dispute a score entered you can click the score from the players score and anonymously report to it us where we can review it. Also next to every score that is verified there will be the word verified next to the score. There are 3 ways to verify your score:


  • A score accompanied with a photo upload of the signed scorecard
  • A score submitted by a society organiser 
  • A score approved by your playing partner via email or via Birdie   
Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Tuesday, 1st October at 11:20 AM


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