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THE GOLF CLUB RESULTS TGC write up for 15th – 19th Jan

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TGC write up for 15th – 19th Jan.

Steve Ellison

No mistakes for Blake!

Monday 15th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Phil Smedley (14) 40 points

2nd – Jim Dundon (17) 38 points

3rd – J.P. Thomas (22) 35 points

After a two week absence, we are finally back to our regular Monday venue of Green Valley. The Asian Tour Q-School has been here for the past fortnight but at least they gave us the course back in great shape.

The little lady looks to be back on track and with a 35 on the card, J.P. Thomas locks in third place today. Sailor Jimmy was also on form out there and a sole second was the result for his respectable 38. On the near pin count, it was Mr. Mark Wood getting closest, but not quite near enough for a birdie,

Your host for today was Capt. Phil and he seems a bit greedy taking 40 points off Green Valley, but it is the first time in ages he has had a podium placing, so we won’t be too hard on him.

Tuesday 16th – Khao Kheow B & C – Stableford – Yellow Tees

1st – Jason Kerr (2) 37 points

T- 2nd – Blake Hanna (17) 36 points

T- 2nd – Kenny Aihara (7) 36 points

T- 2nd – Masao Ishikawa (20) 36 points

T- 2nd – Yuta Fujimoto (6) 36 points

Jason in the middle, all the rest at 36!


22 was the magic number of players today and for one it would turn out to be a very memorable experience at Khao Kheow. A slight overcast start gave us a pleasant morning, but a bit warmer on the back nine. The course was in the same great condition we have seen for months now.

It was a real easy day to shoot a 36, apparently, as the leaderboard will confirm. The Japanese contingency was out in full force and dominated today’s podium. Fujimoto-san is visiting Thailand for the first time and is a good golfer, playing off a 6 handicap.

When he came to the 17th hole (C-8) he found his mojo, and for the first time in his life scored a hole-in-one! Of course, he was a gracious winner and rang the bell back at TGC at a full house presentation. He goes back to Tokyo with a nice, yellow Antigua shirt souvenir for his inaugural ace.

Jason Kerr has been playing with us for years, and is at university in the States on a golf scholarship. Jason was a big help with the Pattaya Matchplay and scored well here today. With a 37 and playing off a 2 handicap, Jason heads back to school with a final victory. We know papa Muffy is looking down with a proud smile.


Thursday 18th – Crystal Bay – Stableford – White Tees

T-1st – Andy Leach (8) 37 points

T-1st – Blake Hanna (18) 37 points

3rd – Richard Young (10) 36 points

It is getting more difficult by the day to drive up highway 7 and find an exit, as the road crews are closing off the existing spaces getting ready for the opening of the dreaded tolls. When it all takes effect on April 19th there appears to be very little benefit to golfers of these beautiful new motorways. There are no exits for Laem Chabang or Khao Kheow!

On to the golf, Crystal Bay was today’s track and at just 750 baht proved good value for money in the high season. Condition was fine and greens were running true.

There was a tie for first with Andy and Blake all square on 37 and Richard Young a shot back with 36 that gets him third place. Andy got the edge on everyone with a near pin on the Caddy Smile par 3 that is our charity that helps the ladies with their dental issues. A good thing to do for them in the “Land of Smiles”!


Friday 19th – Greenwood B & C - Stableford – Yellow Tees

1st – Blake Hanna (19) 46 points

2nd – Zed Belogavec (18) 40 points

3rd – Kenny Aihara (7) 39 points

All is good at Greenwood, just ask Blake! The call was for the yellow tees, but at just 6,000 yards it was advantage… golfers. This is certainly a funny old game, even for the pros. One week they win a tournament, the next week they miss the cut. The same goes for us mere mortals, and for someone to shoot a 46, making the cut was not an issue.

There is nothing wrong with 39 or 40 points out here, and Kenny and Zed did a great job on this course. This week it was Blake Hanna’s turn to shine and with 24 points on the front and 22 on the back, it was no contest.

Blake is on a roll, and had second place finishes on Tuesday and Thursday with us. Today was just nuts… he also got the near pin on C-6 and did he make the 5 foot putt? You’re damn right he did! That’s a great week Blake, and we hope you “make the cut” next week! Did you ever get that birdie drinks chip from the landlord?

The Golf Club is “The Home of Golf in Pattaya” and located in the Heart of Pattaya on Soi L.K. Metro. We broadcast all PGA, EPL, UFC, NFL, MLB and NHL games live. Our kitchen is open from 07:00-22:30 with our famous Steak Nights on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website  and for more information mail us: and see updates at all handicaps welcome.

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