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Reporting Scores - It is everybody's responsibility

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The Birdie system has a reporting feature that allows you to perform peer reviews. A big thank you to many of you already using this feature. You guys are helping make our system as transparent as possible and being our soldiers on the ground. We have no idea who any of you are as all reports are anonymous, even to us at Birdie!

So far the reporting feature has been massively successful. Most messages we receive are reporting players who forget to enter their scores, which is what peer review is all about. Rest assured that each and every report we receive is diligently followed up, and this feature combined with the Verified/Non Verified info, the upload capability of scorecards and group administration functionality helps make the Birdie handicap system a reliable and trustworthy system.

If any player wishes to report a score or a player in general all you need to do is find that player on Birdie and find a score that you want to report, click PLEASE REVIEW THIS SCORE you will have an option to write a message too (see image below) We get the report but have no idea who sent it and we contact the person in question to encourage them to take a look at their playing history to make sure everything is correct. So far everyone who has received one of these messages has responded promptly in a professional​ ​manner​ ​and​ ​addressed​ ​the​ ​issue​ ​without​ ​any​ ​fuss…………...long​ ​may​ ​that continue!





Message we send out:


Hi Joe Bloggs,

Hope you are enjoying the Birdie system. Your playing history has been reported anonymously (even we don't know who reported it) can you please take a look and make sure everything is correct

Kind regards


p.s. This is just a standard email we send out when someone makes a report, it could be nothing but we are obliged to take action

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Sunday, 5th November at 11:41 AM


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