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THE GOLF CLUB RESULTS TGC write up for 12 th – 16 th Feb

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TGC write up for 12 th – 16 th Feb.
Steve Ellison

Dan Dietz dazzles in Kabinburi!

Monday 12 th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees
T-1 st – Peter Thomas (22) 42 points
T-1 st – David Johl (23) 42 points
T-3 rd – Masao Ishikawa (18) 37 points
T-3 rd – Andy Makara (27) 37 points
Barcelona Valley is the name of the complex that consists of Rayong
Green Valley, St. Andrews 2000 and Silky Oaks. It is a branding
exercise of the management, to go along with the redevelopment of
the property, and to incorporate a large residential community as
There is also construction underway for a further nine holes added to
the Silky Oaks course, making it a 27 hole track. If you haven’t been
here in a few years, you just might not recognize the place!
We play Green Valley every Monday, and have done so for the last
10 years. It is probably the most popular course in Pattaya and many
locals are members here.
A couple of ties made up the leaderboard this week and it was good
to see our ol’ mate Peter Thomas back to form and on top with a fine
42 point round. This must be the first time in months Pete has shot
better than his wife! David Johl shared the victory with his own 42
and at 37, Andy and Ishi made up the rest of the table.

Don’t forget out Caddy Smile project, and today we had scratch
golfer Richie McGhee claim the near pin with half the proceeds going
to the caddies to help with their dental procedures. Thanks guys!

Tuesday 13 th – Khao Kheow – Stableford – White Tees
T-1 st – Yoshi Takita (24) 41 points
T-1 st – Mitch Black (13) 41 points
3 rd – Brad Gearie (12) 37 points
I sure am glad I booked these tee times 3 months ago because Khao
Kheow is getting full signup sheets every time we get out here.
Course conditions were, in a word, perfect. Weather was a bit on the
warm side as we see the cool days of a Thailand “winter” a thing of
the past. Oh well, it sure was good while it lasted!
The tourists claimed all positions on the podium today and so out
goes the theory of the advantage of local knowledge. Scoring was
good and a couple of 41 point rounds belonged to Mitch Black and
Yoshi Takita for their perseverance. Our Aussie mate Brad Gearie
stood atop the third place block and nobody got our near pin!

Thursday 15 th – Kabinburi S.C. – Stableford – Yellow Tees
1 st – Blake Hanna (16) 45 points
2 nd – Dan Dietz (10) 42 points
3 rd – Kenny Aihara (7) 41 points
The vans were loaded, the bodies piled in and 16 of us hit the road
up to Kabinburi. First stop was to the Serenity Hotel & Spa where
Oliver greeted us for the February road trip. After a chill out there for
90 minutes, we trucked up the 33 for 12 clicks to the Kabinburi
Sports Club for the first of our 2 rounds here.

We had plenty of time to hit a tray of balls before our 1:00 tee time
and get a few putts in as well. They have a new coffee shop here that
has just opened with great coffee and smoothies to kick things off.
The track was 6,241 yards today and the board said the greens were
running 9 on the stimp, so fully prepared we drove up to the first tee.
Apart from just a few wet patches, the golf course was in pristine
condition. Weather was warmish on the front nine but the back was
just great and a nice afternoon breeze made it even better.
Blake Hanna was the dominant force for this initial round and ended
up shooting an 80 gross which included an amazing birdie, birdie
birdie finish! Of course, one of those was the 16 th par 3 that the near
pin set him up for, costing me a drink! This time, I will happily oblige
as I believe Blake set a TGC course record 45 points for a great win.
As per usual, the day was capped off by our poolside wine and
cheese party which the Serenity graciously hosted, and then into the
restaurant for some of Oliver’s fantastic menu choices to end a great
day on the road.

Friday 16 th – Kabinburi S.C. – Stableford – White Tees
1 st – Dan Dietz (10) 39 points
2 nd – Kenny Aihara (7) 38 points
3 rd – Bud O’Meara (17) 35 points

Another day, another round and after waaay too many rounds the
night before it was a hazy morning to say the least. We did manage
to make our 9:00 tee time so all was good.
Scoring was not as good as day one but I suppose we can blame the
free flow wine for that! We haven’t seen too much of Bud O’Meara
on the podium of late, but a handy 35 gives Bud third place today. A
guy who usually does score well is Kenny Aihara and today Ken adds
a 38 to his 41 from yesterday proving that he likes this course.
Dr. Dan Dietz done good. This is the first time Dan has played here
and he was all over it. A 39 on the card today gives Dan the win and
his 42 yesterday makes for a strong 81 total, a score hard to beat on
any trip.
And then there’s Mitch Black. The first par-3, he shanks it. The
second par-3, he shanks it. The third par-3… well you guessed it,
another shank. Then, on the final par-3 the 16 th of 137 yards, he gets
our Caddy Smile near pin. Such is the cursed mistress that is golf! You
never know, so never give up, nice going Mitch!
The Golf Club is “The Home of Golf in Pattaya” and located in the Heart of
Pattaya on Soi L.K. Metro. We broadcast all PGA, EPL, UFC, NFL, MLB and NHL
games live. Our kitchen is open from 07:00-22:30 with our famous Steak Night
B.B.Q. on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just call 085 434 3377 or
see our website and for more information mail us: and see updates at all handicaps welcome.

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Tuesday, 27th February at 05:56 PM


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