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THE GOLF CLUB RESULTS TGC write up for 2 nd – 6 th April

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TGC write up for 2 nd – 6 th April
Steve Ellison

 Monday 2 nd – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees
1 st – Bob Catlow - 39 points
2 nd – Gary Emmett - 38 points
3 rd – Andy Makara - 37 points
Another Monday, another trip to Green Valley. Again, perfect
condition and a fair number of troops for the beginning of April.
Regular on the circuit, Andy Makara used his local knowledge to take
third with 37 points. Gary Emmett fared one better and a 38 will get
you second place today.
The visitors took top spot with Aussie Bob Catlow top of the heap at
39. Bob has been here for so long it seems he is almost a local! When
is the big move Bobby? Credit goes to Dave Ferris for our Caddy
Smile near pin!
Tuesday 3 rd – Khao Kheow A&B – Stableford – White Tees
1 st – Graham Eldridge - 38 points
2 nd – Doc Beard - 37 points
3 rd – Rod Stevens - 36 points
This is getting to be our second most played golf course in Pattaya as
Khao Kheow never disappoints, and offers great value as well.

Today our “last Par-3” near pin went to regular Kenny Aihara. Not
really surprising if you remember Ken last week had a hole-in- one at
Pattavia Century.
On to the leaderboard and regular visiting Canuck Rod Stevens shot
to his handicap at the 36 point mark. Doc Beard joins today and the
former Navy Seal turns in a 37 on the card for second spot. Right off
the boat is Graham Eldridge to waltz in with a 38 for today’s winning
score. Welcome back Graham, you’re off to a good start mate!

Thursday 5 th – Laem Chabang B & C – Stableford – White Tees
1 st – Walter Baechli - 33 points
T-2 nd – Lee Short- 30 points

T-2 nd – Robbie Taylor - 30 points
It looks like they are doing some major work on the A Course as we
see some heavy machinery digging up the Mountain. Expect to play B
and C courses when you book here this summer. The course was in
lovely shape as usual, but you must expect that from a Nicklaus golf
Laem Chabang is one of Pattaya’s best golf courses and this summer
the Sports Days are Tuesday and Thursday that offer a 2,490 baht
rate that includes caddy and cart. That is no increase on last year’s
rate, which is a very sensible decision. The Siam courses have gone
from 2,900 to 3,800 baht on their special days! What were they
thinking in this currency-rate driven climate?
Scoring was on the low side today and I guess the C track is living up
to her reputation as the toughest nine out here. If you can get past
all the water on the first 4 holes you will do OK.
Me Aussie mate Robbie Taylor had a good round and ties with
visiting South African Lee Short to score 30 Stableford points on the
day. Lee and his buddy Louis Schlebusch have been playing with us
for the last two weeks and these fit lads have reminded me how it
looks to have actual abs and no beer belly!
Winner winner chicken dinner was perennial local and great guy
Walter Baechli with a big red 33 circled at the top of the card. Walter
and I were former Northshore Condo neighbour’s and you will never
see Walter without a smile on his face and a positive comment. We
all love Walter, so congrats buddy, nice going!
Friday 6 th – Kings Naga – Stableford – Yellow Tees
T-1 st – Freddy Graham - 36 points
T-1 st – Graham Eldridge - 36 points
T-1 st –Zed Beloglavec - 36 points

Great value, good greens but shabby on the edges are what we had
here today. It is worth playing this course, but don’t expect too much
of it. The Nick Faldo layout is a nice track, but right now it looks like
they just don’t have the budget to clean up the cart paths and
buggies. Oh well, ya get what ya pay for!
We took the option of lift, clean and place which was the correct
decision and recommended. The yellow tees were in play and at
6,399 made for a tough old slog but the whites at 5,860 were just too
short. Also, there is no current P.S.C. slope rating here.
It was a hot front nine with zero wind so the only comfort was the
buggy breeze. Be warned: there are few drinks stands out here so
stock up on water and provisions! On the good side, they don’t seem
to mind if you bring your own cooler (Oz = Eskie!)
It was a small turnout of 4 groups and most scores were under 30
points. There were three exceptions to that and all were winners
with a tie at 36 points!
Freddy, Graham and Zed were the winning trio and cashed in on
those handsome man vouchers, so good scores indeed at that
distance. Kenny Aihara got yet another near pin, just edging out
Graham Eldridge at 12 feet… but no birdie so thanks for that Ken!
The Golf Club is “The Home of Golf in Pattaya” and located in the Heart of
Pattaya on Soi L.K. Metro. We broadcast all PGA, EPL, UFC, NFL, MLB and NHL
games live. Our kitchen is open from 07:00-22:30 with our famous Steak Night
B.B.Q. on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just call 085 434 3377 or
see our website and for more information mail us: and see updates at all handicaps welcome.

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Wednesday, 11th April at 04:34 PM


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