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October 2016 PAGS Tournament from Phoenix Gold

Category: Pattaya Amateur Golf Series

The day started off a little overcast, as a prelude to the October PAGS tournament, this month at Lakes & Ocean 9s.  Round about 11:00am, the weather started to take a turn for the worse, with some rain & electrical activity.  The field of 118 which included 12 Ladies, continued with some minimal disruptions, with the scores belying any negative impact from course or weather conditions.

As with most months, there is generally a standout performer or 2 on the day.  This month it  was hard to split Low Gross & A flight winner, Chris Kerr (4) with his spectacular 69 gross & 43 points, or Jerry Langer (32) the winner in C flight with his outstanding best points score of the day 45 points.  I will let readers make up their own mind on what they consider the better performance of the day. 

Brian Libby scored a Hole in One on #7, so a big thanks to Dez Chalice from Door to Door Food Delivery for his sponsorship of the Ace prize.

As mentioned, A flight (0 – 14) went to Chris Kerr (4) who was a clear winner with his excellent 43 points, getting the better of current Order of Merit leader Tom Thompson with yet another high score of 41 points off his 14 handicap, while Jack Grinvold (5) was several points behind on 36 points.  Petter Hellstrom (17) got the top spot in B flight (15 – 20) with another good score of 40 points, while Steffan Lyrestram (16) got 2nd with 39 points and Kale Karlberg (15)  made the B flight an all Swedish affair after he signed for 38 points.  I noted previously it was Jerry Langer (32) leading the way in C flight (21>) with his day’s best 45 points, while a countback was needed to separate Peo Lindmark (26) and Kim Truscott (21).  Peo getting the nod 18/17 after both signed for 36 points.  In the Ladies division it was Wancharee (19) topping the field with 40 points, while Lili Kuratli (25) got the silver spot with 39 points after edging Sombath Inrod 19/17 on countback.

This month there was a bevy of multiple technical prize winners who deserve special mention, some featuring in Flight results, some not.  At the top of the list is Chris Kerr, along with Jack Grinvold, who both placed in A flight.  Ronnie Ratte, Steve Truelove & Maryka Starink also got at least 2 technicals.

As always, the Sportsman & Lion Pub crews did a fantastic job of keeping all the golfers and their guests gastronomically satisfied.   We will all look forward to another successful tournament with next month’s event at Phoenix Gold on 29 November.  Contact Shane on 0863720084 to ensure your preferred tee time.

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Thursday, 27th October at 09:44 AM


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