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PAGS Order of Merit Explained

Category: Pattaya Amateur Golf Series

PAGS Order Of Merit

The PAGS order of merit was introduced from the outset in 2010 where each time you play in a PAGS event during the series year you get points depending on how well you played.

Each PAGS event is split into 3 flights but for the order of merit these flights are combined to give each player a tournament rank. The best player on the day will receive 100 points, the second best player 99 points, the third best player 98 and so on

These points are accumulated over the course of the series (a series being a year of tournaments of which there are 12) and added together to give a points tally for the year. For each series there is a maximum of 6 tournaments to count towards your order of merit tally but there is no limit to the amount of times you play. In fact the more play the better your chances as proved over the previous 6 years.

As we get into the final 2 tournaments of each year falling in November and December the points available increase to 105 so first on the day gets 105 points, second gets 104 and third gets 103 and so on. We do this to keep it interesting as the year ends and we feel those who play well under a little pressure should be rewarded

The winner of the series wins a trip to Hua Hin, all expenses paid, travel, hotel, 2 rounds at Black Mountain and 10,000 baht cash to spend

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