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Pattaya Amateur Golf Series - Results for February

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High Scores in All Flights

150 players, including 18 Ladies gathered at Phoenix Gold Golf course on the 28th of the month for the 2nd PAGS Tournament of 2018.

Once again there were some fine scores turned in, along with some sparkling individual efforts for the technical prizes available on each hole.  PAGS has been blessed of late with the weather, and this day was perfect conditions for golf.  The course was in good condition, with fast running fairways, and the greens at a decent pace, and with numerous short tees, low scores were sure to be the order of the day.

The star on this day was hard to differentiate, with several outstanding stableford scores recorded in the tournament. Myles Knowlson with his 44 points & Barbro Borjesson in the Ladies with her 45 were the highest points scorers.  There were prizes to be won on every hole as per normal for the PAGS events, but with such a large field of golfers you had to be very close to win.

As touched on previously the Ladies winner was Barbro Borjesson (35) with a spectacular 45 points with second place going to Liny Prom (43) with as strong 41 points.  Several technical prizes went to a selection of Ladies also.

C Flight  for 20+ handicappers was won by regular PAGS participant Pierre Zbinden (22) with a score of 42 Points, closely followed by William Vickers (20) with 41 points, while Lars Tornlind picked up 3rd spot with 40 points

In the B flight (13 – 19) it was Mikael Andersen (18) winning with 42 points in another closely contested flight, edging out Werner Schwarz (17) on countback 22/20.  The bronze medal position went to Fred Mefritz (13) on 41 points, to go with his Long Drive on Lakes 9.

In the A flight (0 – 12) it was Myles Knowlson (11) who came out on top with a Men’s best on the day of an outstanding 44 points, to go with his approach on Ocean 3.  A countback was required to decide the minor placings, as Frode Brandt (11) & Jari Laakonen (12) both signed for 40 points.  Frode secured the silver with his 20 points to Jari’s 18. 

Mike Allidi won the coveted Low Gross with 75, on coutback over Myles & Christer.  Several honorable mentions also go out to multiple technical prize winners, Jeeranan, Nattaporn, Kevin & Fynn. 

Once again the catering crew, led by Dave, did their part, feeding the players and guests prior to the prize giving, and I am sure all were pleased with the array of food.

We will all look forward to next month’s event at Phoenix again on 28th March, contact Shane on 0859459689, through Facebook, or  for your preferred time slot.

1 London Pie Nearest in 2 Diana Elliott
2 Sportsman Pub & Restaurant, Soi 13 Nearest the Pin Joona Vanio
3 NMT Logostics Nearest in 2 Kevin MacKintosh
4 Paddys Palms & 15 Palms, Koh Chang Nearest in 2 Mike Alidi
5 Suntosa Resort, Koh Larn Longest Putt Jan Strom
6 Nick the Pizza Nearest in 3 Nat Rukkid
7 San Migel Nearest the Pin (High / Low) Donal MuGuinen / Jeeranan Duncan
8 Love Pattaya Nearest in 2 Kevin From
9 Shooters Bar, Soi 7 Longest Drive (Men <54, 55-64, 65> ) Michael Howell / Kevin From / Fred Mesritz
10 Allied Building Services Nearest in 2 Mikael Andersson
11 Robins Nest Restaurant & Guesthouse Nearest in 2 Fynn Csizmadia
12 Lady Love A Go Go Nearest in 2 Myles Knowlson
13 Pattaya Rent a Car Longest Putt Jeeranan Duncan
14 Nordic Nearest the Pin Bunsong Brown
15 Pecunia Asset Management Nearest in 2 Kevin From (Into Lucky Draw)
16 Love Pattaya Property Nearest the Pin (High / Low) Laura Kamarainen / Piasan Piammee
17 Hemingways Bar & Restaurant Longest Drive (Men <54, 55-64, 65> & Ladies) Per Madsen / Keith Wooley / Bart Starink / Nat Rukkid
18 Fore Event Managment Nearest in 3 Fynn Csizmadia
  Flight A 1st (Handicap 0-12 ) Myles Knowlson (11) 44 Points  
  Flight A 2nd Frode Brandt (11) 40 Points (B9) 20  
  Flight A 3rd Jari Laakkonen (12) 40 Points (B9) 18  
  Flight B 1st (Handicap - 19 ) Mikael Andersson (18) 42 Points (B9) 22  
  Flight B 2nd Werner Schwarz (17) 42 Points (B9) 20  
  Flight B 3rd Frank Mefritz (13) 41 Points  
  Flight C 1st (Handicap 20 > ) Pierre Zbinden (22) 42 Points  
  Flight C 2nd William Vickers (20) 41 Points (B9) 19  
  Flight C 3rd Lars Tornlind (29) 40 Points  
  Low Gross sponsored by Pattaya Rent a Car Mike Alidi (4) 75 Gross (B9) 37 (B6) 23  
  Ladies 1st sponsored by Cafe Des Amis Restaurant Barbro Borjesson (35) 45 Points  
  Ladies 2nd Liny Prom (43) 41 Points  
Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Saturday, 10th March at 11:45 AM


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