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Category: Tournaments

Travellers Rest (Pattaya Society) - Wangjuntr from April 13th to April 15th

WEDNESDAY 13th 2022 Greenwood

First tee off @ 10.00am Format 2 man 4BBB

Each player plays  out his own ball. At the conclusion of the hole the lowest recorded score wins the hole.

THURSDAY 14th 2022 Valley Course

First tee off @ 10.30am Format 2 man Rainbow

Each team must play  in any sequence, six holes from the red tee’s six holes from the wite tee’s and six holes from the tips. It is up to the individual teams as to which tee’s they play from.

FRIDAY 15th 2022 Highland Course

First tee off @ 10.30am Format Bingo, Bango, Bongo

This is a game of points. The first player in the group to get the ball on the green gets a poin (Bingo)  The player whose ball is closest to the pin once all the balls are on the green gets a point (Bango) and finally the player in the group who is first ito hole out (putting sequentially)  gets a point (Bongo)



  • Green fee, Caddy and cart for all three rounds of golf.
  • Buffet lunch after the game at Greenwood.
  • Two nights accommodation in a shared four bedroom villa at Wangjuntr. (Additional 1000 Baht for a private room)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on day one at Wangjuntr.
  • Breakfast sandwich provided on day two at Wangjuntr.
  • Daily novelty prizes.
  • All competition fees.
  • First prize (Two man team) 20.000 Baht.
  • Second prize (Two man team) 10.000 Baht.
  • All beers at 60 Baht per bottle

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Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand BIRDIE Team Monday, 4th April at 12:30 PM


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